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As of July 15, 2012 - The 1st Bikram Yoga studio in Silicon Valley is Celebrating its successful 10th year anniversary. We thank you wholeheartedly and appreciate your regular practice in making this happen.

Who is Bishnu Ghosh?
is the master of Bikram.
-Initiated into the field of yogic exercise and physical education by his Master and older brother, Paramahansa Yogananda, the world renowned Yogi. Yogananda founded the Self Realization Fellowship Center and his book, "Autobiography of a Yogi", continues to be one of the best known and influential works of our time.

Don’t know who quoted this or what the exact words are, but this has been revolving around me with some life changing experiences:

“Be Happy with what you’ve got Life always might not happen according to plan”

“Knowing others is Wise
Knowing yourself is Enlightenment”

“Always stick to your practice no matter who is with you or who is teaching”

Practice, Practice, Practice—the more you do, the faster your progress will be. We had one guy lose 70 pounds in two months; one gal came with sciatica, and after one month she said it’s gone; another guy said the first day he tried Bikram he didn’t have to take shots for the pain in his shoulders and back. We can go on and on, but I must tell you that although Bikram Yoga is intense, it is best to give you the benefits the fastest.

“Bikram has made me a healthier person, inside and out. Not only have I seen and felt physical improvements (flexibility, weight control, toning…) but Bikram Yoga has positively influenced my confidence and spiritual well-being” 
-- Emma (SCU student)

“This is just a short note to say thank you (and the other great instructors) for all of your encouragement during the past two years of my Bikram Yoga practice. I have learned a lot. Most importantly I have healed a lot. When I started my practice my health was not the best, in fact it was determined that I needed an operation to avoid additional complications.

However, in my search for alternatives to a major operation I began my yoga practice. The condition for which I was to have the operation has subsided and this is evidence to the doctors and myself of the healing that takes place if the body, mind and spirit are allowed to unite as one. This is the best thing that could have happened for me and the benefits will continue as I continue to advance my yoga practice.”
--Namaste, Deborah

“My father and I have been runners for many years. He was looking for an additional form of exercise that would build strength and flexibility, and complement his running. He started Bikram Yoga in August 2005, and was pleased to find out that the practice provided him with a strenuous workout that not only included strength and flexibility, but also cardio and endurance.

At that time, we were training to run a half marathon in October. My father would tell me that his running was improving with the addition of yoga, even though he was running fewer miles per week. He was encouraging me to try Bikram Yoga with him, so in November I signed up for a one-week trial.

After the first few classes, I wasn't sure whether it was right for me. I decided to try it for three months, and as I began to understand the Postures and improve my form, I could see benefits of Bikram Yoga to my body and my health. I feel good when I practice yoga. My muscles are more toned and it helps me to unwind after a busy day at work.

We recently completed The Napa Valley Marathon in March. Bikram Yoga was an important part of our training program. It helped us to maintain a strong pace throughout the race. Encouraged by the results we have seen, we just extended our membership for one year. Bikram Yoga is a complete form of exercise. It has been a great activity for us to do together.”

-- Lisa and Gary Christensen

“I tore my meniscus tissue in my right knee in 2002. I was taking painkillers (heavy doses), applying ice packs etc…. but the pain was not going and I was bedridden for 3 months. Doctors advised me to have surgery; well, that was not an option for me. Then I went to India and did a Kerala Auyurvedic treatment. I also did physiotherapy with an Orthopedic. I came back and joined Bikram Yoga—I was not regular because there was too much pain and I had developed some side effects from the painkillers. Well once I got o.k. I again joined in Nov 2004. It has helped me. I think the heat is also helping me along with the postures…it is making my knee strong, It is still painful at times, but I know this is the only way out for me.”


Navin, Director

Navin started yoga in India bringing in years of experience practicing and teaching yoga. He firmly believes in the lineage of his masters in teaching the practices as guided by them. He has been featured in national and local publication including Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News etc.

He is an engineer by profession with years of experience working in various companies in the bay area and is presently partner/director in various companies.

Book - “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class ”

Book– Illustrated guide that goes through all the 26 postures.
- Recommend every student to read and use as a reference for practice.



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